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It is always a pleasure to create commission pieces!

Communication is key to a successful commission piece and while I would love to take all commission pieces, I only take on orders that are well communicated with a clear vision. Please be sure to read through everything and let's make this happen!

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To commission a painting, I'll need the following information:

1. Specify size. If you're not sure on what size to choose, send me the measurements of the wall the art is being placed on and I will recommend different artwork sizes that work best for the space.

2. Provide 1-6 colors you would like to see in the painting. Send me a photo of the space that you plan to showcase the art or what you would like it to be inspired by, and I can suggest a color scheme. 

3. Include any details, inspiration, and/or specifics of what you wouldd like to invoke in the piece. It is important for me to understand what you would like to portray through the art.

4. Once we agree on the size, colors, and inspiration, I will send you an invoice for 50% (non-refundable) of the total price. Once paid, I will send you an estimated timeline to complete the piece.

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- Please let me know if you have any time constraints. While I will try my best to meet your deadline, turnaround times are not guaranteed.

- It is important to understand that no pieces are identical as they are all one of a kind. Each painting is created and completed through my personal aesthetic and creative process.


- Once the piece is finished, I will send an invoice for the last 50% of the total price + shipping. Upon payment, the painting will be shipped.

- Terms: While I do my best to get commissions right based on the information and communication provided prior to starting each piece, there will be a 25% increase in price for any revisions requested. Commissions are non-refundable.

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