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Valery Rocha 
& Rocha Art & Design


Valery Rocha has been creating art as early as she was able to hold a pencil. Once accepted to the prestigious art magnet school, D.A S.H., she began pursuing a career in art and design. Valery got her BFA in Graphic Design and Art History at the University of Miami, Florida and cultivated her graphic design skills at a marketing company in New Jersey. She has since focused on widening her career by providing art and design solutions for many commercial real estate properties across the East Coast. 


.  .  .


Rocha Art & Design is a place to find inspiration, explore ideas, and express myself. It is here to guide those wanting to

immerse themselves and beautify space in a world full of art. My inspiration is found through my everyday

experiences and finding beauty in the small things we take for granted. Art has always been my refuge and

I strive to be able to share that with you through every piece of art I create.

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